Friday, January 25, 2013

Projects of Unusual Size?

Im getting back into the dangerous wanting to create ginormous BAPs, Deviant Art site can be a dangerous place as is G+.  

The first one that's captured my attention is Environmental Chess. EnviromentalChess 

(I would love to point back to the original artist but not able to find such at this time)

Wonderful play on a chess board and Im sure will be wild with confetti stitches.

Then this morning a pic of Benedict Cumberbach as Sherlock Holmes caught my eye on G+ and looking on Deviant Art I found even more drawings people have done that would be wonderful as BAPs.

The Excellent Mind - Benedict Cumberbach as Sherlock HolmesThe Excellent Mind

But before I get started on anything else that huge I have to finish my LOTR Map or I will never hear the end of it from D

Exercise Anyone

Reading a fave author's blog this week and found an interesting way to get running.  There is an app called ZombiesRun!  Get on the Couch to 5k madness and run from Zombies at the same time!


No I havent purchased the app - yet.  I want to get a bit more info before I plunk down $4-8, see if its something, anything I will use.  And Im not in to running yet, couch to 5 k business or no.  Im looking into see if I can mostly walk with it with smaller bouts of needing to run.

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  1. The chess board would be amazing (but as you say confetti mad), I don't know how I'd feel about stitching the destruction side though, don't think I'd enjoy it as much.