Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Teenage teething?



Almost 4 years is teenage for a cat right?  Maybe a bit older than that?

For some reason the little bugger has taken a like to my sandals and not in a good way.

If I don’t put them up, he will sneak into the closet and tear out with one in his mouth and start chewing!  So far Ive got two pairs with “love” marks and have done my best to put up all of them.

Dragon of Water

I got back to work on Dragon of Water.  Last time this came out for air was back in Jan 2011.

Dragon of Water 1-20-11

More has been added and I will add a updated pic in a few days.


Tonight’s dinner was a good stand by, Baked Spaghetti.  Boys like it, D tolerates it.  I had other plans so after tossing it the oven I took off Smile

Have enough left overs from this, the pork from last night and I believe a smidge of the mac & cheese that I get to take tomorrow off (woot!)

But I do have a new dish I want to try out on the troops.

Pasta and White Beans with Garlic-Rosemary Oil

pasta, white beans, garlic-rosemary oil

I was browsing Top News on News360 app on my phone and saw the picture of a yummy looking dish.  It has a bonus that I have all the needed ingredients already at home.  I hope to try it out soon and will let you know how it goes.


  1. Rachel, I have to laugh about your sister's cat has a fetish about my shoes. If I visit, he stands in front of me and fusses if I don't take them off and put them in a certain place so that he can "wallow" and then fall asleep on them. He doesn't do this to anyone I guess we should be flattered???

  2. lol, that has to be it. We are the special ones they care to pester :)

    Silly monkey that he is