Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pain in the


Asthma just plain sucks eggs.  Normally life goes on just fine, no issues, no bothersome wheezing and no pain.  But there is always the chance and Zap!  Here, have a spike go through your lungs.

Thankfully my attacks are far between but when they happen they can waste my energy.  Albuterol is my bestest friend in those times.

More Pain

Tomorrow is the fun day for P and his poor mouth. We went out tonight for some final, make sure we got the easy to “eat” foods ie, Jell-o, yogurt and applesauce.  Grabbed peanut butter for Banana, peanut butter, yogurt smoothies for added protein and stick to your insides to protect against icky meds.  Will be seeing if I can get him to also drink more of my wonderful-to-me veggie/fruit juice.  Who knows, it may not affect him as badly as we are planning.

“Old Fashioned Cooking”

I got an email blurb from Mother Earth Living about good Old Fashioned Cooking where they mentioned “The Joy of Cooking” as a good book to read for basic recipes with honest ingredients.  And wouldn’t you know I just had to pause by the library this evening and they were nice enough to have a copy waiting for me Smile.  I plan on spending the next few days finding some gems and if there are enough I will just have to get my fanny down to Powells and get my own copy.

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