Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another Day–Another juice

Im still working on Dragon of Air.  After the marathon stitching this weekend, Ive been lucky to get 30 or so x’s added.  Work, kids, life etc.  But I did make sure I added some tonight. 

Happy crafts & hands means less stress for me.  Less stress means more healthy body. Smile

Healthy Body

And to help the body I made more juice!


The picture of a pitcher (gads say that fast) was too good to pass up.  A sunset from my juice.

In my latest concoction Im playing with patty pan squash, mini zucchini and persimmons along with the usual suspects.  Im hoping D cant taste the zuc’s (so not the fan) and I wanted to find out how the patty pans would do as Im thinking to add them to my garden, if not this year then next.  Ive heard they are monster producers of produce.  Lots of squash from a couple plants.

Persimmons are a fave.  I tried them in juice last year and waited for them to make another appearance at Costco.  Saw them a couple weeks ago but held off and poof – they were gone.  But as luck would have it I spied them when I went shopping mid week (something rarely done) and nabbed them.  DL was very dubious about them until I gave him a sliver while preparing them for juicing.  Love at first bite (and another convert – muhahaha).  Im hoping to grow them in my own garden some day.

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