Friday, February 1, 2013

Pretty damn good

Granted one does not wish to go through 8 extractions on a daily basis but the boy did really good.

Slight issues coming out of the anesthesia (as per the nurse) and had double vision most of the way home (funny to watch him play with his fingers and try and explain without talking what he was doing) but in all it was a good day.

The side with the extra wisdom tooth is quite swollen (expected).  Ive been keeping him well medicated so he can just rest and get through the first day.

Tomorrow Im expecting to be as bad or even a bit worse today.  With how well I planned for the worst today and how well it turned out, Im doing the same for tomorrow.

Dragon of Water

I tried working on this dragon while P was “busy” and was happy to have most of the head done.  Only to find out later that I was off a whole row and the whole head had to be chopped.  No easy fix could be found that wouldn’t make this dragon look extremely off kilter.  So I got my “sword” and went chopping.  Im not quite in the black but this dragon will look more like the others.

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