Monday, January 7, 2013


After finishing Spring Bloomers I took a creation break and worked on destroying a sweater.  Its all in good fun I assure you.

C-A-L Jan 2013

Im part of a Crochet-a-long on G+ and the Jan 2013 project is to create a calm cowl.  I had a sweater that I found at Goodwill to recycle the yarn and figured this just might be the project to use it on.  The yarn is a cotton/acrylic/nylon/lambs wool/angora rabbit mix which is a simple way of saying “this aint no wash and dry on normal garment”.  Explains why this sweater made it to Goodwill in as good a shape as it did.  I figure a cowl should work just fine with the finicky needs of the yarn, not lots of washing needed.  I kept the wash requirements so it can be sewn back in when the cowl is complete.  Best way to remember how the darn thing needs to be laundered.

Anniversaries of the Heart

I pulled out AotH, Farm House today.  Added some much needed x love to this project and researched more information needed for the fiddly bits. 

BBD Farm House 1-6-13

This will be dedicated to my Maternal Grandfather.  Thankfully since I have my Grandmother’s genealogy data, I had what I needed.  I also worked on gathering data for the next house I will be working on in this series, A Wish for You, which will be dedicated to my BIL.  I still have plans on having these made into a wall quilt and have one large square having the information on which each house stands for.

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