Sunday, January 6, 2013

Voices from the Past

Catching up on blogs this morning and came by an interesting post by Susan of Susan being Snippy.  She has a blog where she posts entries from journals her dad wrote in from 1929 – 1978.  She and her family post it so extended family members can enjoy the writings.

A few years ago I was given boxes and pictures of genealogy data my maternal grandmother collected as that was her hobby (Im sure there is more behind that given the type of person she was).  In the boxes are a treasure of stories that she wrote of her life. 

The post by Susan gave me a great idea – create a blog with the specifics of sharing these stories.  It would be a great way to preserve and share them.

Birthday Finish

Here is a snap of my Birthday finish and the first finish of 2013.  Nice bright colors to try and replace the drab that is outside.


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  1. Fun finish! I love the bloomers.
    Happy Birthday!!