Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And Later this week

they are mocking us with the possibility of snow.  It has gone from chance to 60% of wet something (Im betting rain).  All I can say is when I see it falling I will get excited.

Someone, years ago, created a wonderful site that is still updated to let us techie people know its snowing somewhere in PDX when we are hiding in our caves, I did say techie people and I have a house full who are allergic to sunlight – or so it seems. 

When it is snowing the site flashes and has a gif of Kermit arm flailing in excitement.  Fun to pull up when the possibility of snow falling anywhere close cause excited Kermit is just fun to watch.

Green Juice


Pic courtesy of Juicehead.com

I pulled out the juicer tonight and made a killer green monster.  Used up some salad that was on its way out, orange, chard, cucumber, tomato, spinach, carrots, bell pepper, apple, kiwi and various frozen fruits.  I may have left out a couple things but you get the gist.  Change this go around is that the fruit (outside the tomato & orange) was Ninja’d and then added to the veggie mix.  With the apple, it gives a crunchy texture.  And not to bad.  Had D try it first.  Could use a bit of ginger but that’s a mix I have to have all by myself.


I made a start on my CAL Cowl but for some reason Im having issues wrapping the grey-matter around slip-stitching a foundation single crochet chain together.  Everyway I try it looks awful.  I really don’t want to start this with a normal chain.  The foundation chain just looks so much nicer!  So off to research the interwebs to find out what step Im missing.

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