Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hitting the same dang spot

My next WIP on the get done list is the Dragon of Air and my needle is getting really good at hitting the same spot on my poor middle finger.  I may have to bandage it soon or start another dragon.  This is one hungry dragon!

Dragon of Air

The Dragon of Air is another Dragon Dreams design and part of my Crazy January 2011 starts.  And from the look of things, the only time Ive touched it is the day I started it for the challenge.


 Dragon of Air 1-22-11


Dragon of Air 1-21-13

Much happiness after some added x’s  (but my finger is just about to give up!)

Dinner Update

The Creamy Slow-Cooker Tortellini Soup I made yesterday was quite good,  I was a bit concerned that the soup part was too soupy but after allowing the tortellini to think and cook, things thickened up quite well and it all ended up more like a thick stew.

Thumbs up from all minions (and D).


  1. Great stitching. I have been wanting to try that recipe, so the feedback is really helpful!

  2. great stitching :) I love the dragons.