Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All that and the Kitchen Sink

Last week and today have really brought to roost the need I have for home juice.  I am so tired today!  And I have not been drinking any home made juice the last couple of days.  I made a huge batch Sunday but didnt grab a glass then nor did I yesterday.  No excuse for either time, and stupid really as all I needed to do was grab a glass, pour and drink.

Fixing that now.  24 oz of the "kitchen sink" juice down the hole.

I really need to come up with a better name than "kitchen sink".  Jungle juice, swamp water?  something like those as that what it looks like (thankfully not taste like :-p)

This batch has the following

Red Kale - one bunch

Spinach - one large bunch

Celery - one bunch

Cucumber - two med/lg

bell peppers - two

carrots - 8ish

Star fruit - 1, splurged on that this week.  We love star fruit and wanted to see if it would add anything.  Would need to have 2-3 more for it to make a difference.

butternut squash - 1/2 package already cut up.  Ninja'd after jucing the above to keep the fiber

apples - 3 whole.  2 was jucied, 1Ninja'd

orange - 1

frozen berry mix - 2-3 cups Ninja'd

frozen tropical fruit mix 1-2 cups Ninja'd

I think thats it.  Just noticed I totally forgot tomatoes for this batch - that will be remedied for next time as Ive got three romas that need to be juiced or composted soon.

I really have no plans before getting the juice prep ready.  Just open the fridge and start pulling out veggies and fruit and juice until my pitcher is mostly full.  Then I get the ninja out and start blending the frozen and other items I didnt want to toss in the juicer.  Really soft foods need to stay out of the juicer.  Too much good stuff can be lost.

And I know the proper way for juice to be best for you is to drink it as soon as possible.  Im sure that would work just dandy for someone who didnt work or need to care for others.  But in the real world this is what works for me.  1-2 hrs juicing and cleaning up gives me a few days of good for me juice to enjoy.

Another happy is that the boys (ok, mainly DL) dont have any issues with downing the veggies this way.  Of course us saying salad or juice for dinner may have been the tipping point.  DL does not like salad.  Too many leaves.  Which reminds me I need to nab the left over salad greens for the next juicing round before it goes bad.

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