Wednesday, January 9, 2013


P is slowly getting used to his braces.  The first couple of days were a bit rough.  Finding foods he is able to chew without the front teeth touching has been entertaining.  He’s been going through the veggie juice pretty fast – easy to consume and he gets the good stuff in the bod.

It was interesting watching them being put on.  I never had braces (not to say I don’t need them) so had never seen the process being done.  Pretty interesting.  The wire he currently has is about as thick as two DMC threads, maybe a bit thinner.  But its still enough to feel like they are pulling all his teeth together (or so he says)

He has great friends at school who have been sharing their experience with him.  Pretty much the first couple of weeks tend to be the toughest and then you are pretty much used to them.

Im still not looking forward to the pulling of the 8.  Im hoping that 3 days is enough recovery time.


I found a site that showed me what I need to do with the fsc stitch to loop the ends together.  It really is just slip stitching the “crochet” stitch (or the top of the fsc stitch) together.  The bottom is “stitched” with part of the length of the beginning thread later to bring everything in happy mode.

Still looks ugly as hell but after the first couple of rows its hard to notice.

BBD Farm House

Window frames are complete, outline of the roof and date added in the roofing area – all pretty much ready for filling.  Which is a good plan as I have a stitch-in with friends and not having to count is a good thing.  There are times there have been more frogs then adds after such a visit.  Not having to think too hard is a good thing.

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