Sunday, December 16, 2012

Crockpot info

With my love with crockpots lately I thought I would share helpful info.

When looking at recipes online, always look through the comments.  Similar to any project you will find were others made modifications and why.  This gives you better info on if you really want to put the time into making this dish or what modifications can/should you do to maybe make it work better.

Please do check the age of your crock-pot, the newer ones cook faster than the older ones.  The new recipes coming out these days are timed for the newer crocks, and it is a crock that they don’t specify that. 

I have one of each, 18+ year old one that still cooks wonderfully and is the off-low-high toggle version and one that is around 5 years old has buttons for high, low, warm (which is never to use for cooking), off and time.

I rarely use my new one when cooking during the week, Im never at home to get it started and with the buttons, Im not able to use my handy appliance timer.

If you have one with the toggle, new or old, I strongly suggest getting an appliance timer.  Toss the food in, turn the crock-pot on, plug the crock-pot into the timer, set the timer, and go.

There is a way to test your crock pot, and really should be done to make sure foods are cooking right.


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