Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One Month

One whole month since I last posted.  Now to share the things that have happened since then 

We bought an RV-Travel trailer that has a bunk house with its own door.  What does this mean?  We can camp in luxury (indoor bathroom, kitchen, HEAT/AC), and when we get tired of the kids we can shut them in their own little space (and it is a bit little).  Of course Im all over the indoor bathroom, kitchen and HEAT for now as we made our first trek over Thanksgiving.  Camping in the woods, by the beach, over Thanksgiving and it was wonderful!

SIL and her husband joined us (using their own trailer) and we feasted.  We brought the wonderful Butterball Turkey fryer which we fried a big turkey and a ham (room temp +10 min in the fryer and oooh, yummy!).

It was a wonderful 5-day vacation and cant wait to take it out again.

I have no picture updates – but have been working on the afghan from the last post.  It has grown and is 49 squares big and counting.  I think Im going to leave it at 7 squares wide and make it a bit longer.  I would like it to cover me as a comfy blanket before adding any border to it.

Stained Glass Pine is almost finished.  Im down to a final three colors, saving the red star for last so it limits sharing of color with the much lighter colors around it.

And finally I started another shawl.  This one is a wrap and blue.

Pictures will be taken and shared soon – I hope.

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  1. It sounds like you have been having some fun times!