Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bueller?… Bueller?

Well hello!

Thanks all who have stuck around, patently waiting for posts of anything new.  I have been around, just out trying to find the blogging bug.

Now for some overdue updates

The summer garden didn’t turn out so good.  The cherry tomato did send us quite a few and they have been the perfect tomato bite for salads.  The Pineapple tomato gifted us a total of 2 and thanks to the extremely weird HOT September we’ve got we may actually get to eat them.  The corn we knew wasn’t going to happen as we just had the one.  It was more of a Will It Grow thing.  The pumpkin gave us tons of flowers but not much else.  The basil was wonderful as was the chard.

The fall garden is smaller than the summer.  I planted some garlic, pretty much to see if I could and it takes 9 months for them to “think”.  I should have a good crop (10+) sometime next spring.  I have salad stuff planted as well but with a small plot I tend to forget about the whole needing to water concept.  That doesn’t go over too well for the plants.

Crochet – I have grounded the ginormous hex blanket due to total fault of myself.  I thought I would make things easy and put two big chunks together but as I was about 1/2 way through I found I picked the wrong places to hook and now its all messed up.  So Im on a break from it.

So on to shoulder wrappers!

Shawl #1 – I did this one cause I liked the shape of the stitch and it was a challenge to figure out how to hook it.

Southbay Shawl - Finish

Shawl #2 (wip) – Playing with granny, eyelets and DC stitches.  The stitch for the border is new to me as well and Im looking forward to how it turns out.

Chèche 9-15-12

Ive even got back into cross stitch.  Ive been filling in Fall Mandala and even pulled out D’s LOTR map to add x’s to.

Fall Mandala

Fall Mandala 9-16-12


LOTR Map 9-16-12

I also was able to find where an issue was on Mother Maya so it was able to come out of “time out”. No update pics for that as it was more ripping than adding.

I will stop here and hopefully be back much sooner.

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  1. I think this summer messed with a lot of peoples gardens. I hope that the late garden yields more.
    Your projects are all lovely. I love the colors of the red shawl and the autumn mandala.