Friday, May 18, 2012


Well, I hope not anyway.

Today I finally unraveled sweaters I got at Goodwill.  It’s a daunting task.  Don’t want to cut the wrong thread, then there’s all that unwinding, then rewinding (or both at the same time).  I have three but only did one today.  Let me tell you – I will have muscles complaining tomorrow with all the winding (rewinding) that was done.

Today’s sweater was a 100% cotton, 6 strand, from Lands End.  Unraveled and twisted it weighed in at 1lb 8.4 oz.

The strands are about 1/2 the thickness of Lion or Lily cotton.

I may use this to create placemats.  I should get a good set of 4 out of all the yarn.

Before (stand in – one of the two others to be unraveled)

Sweater - before

After (Lands End – pretty light yellow)

Sweater - after

A great site for other unraveling info is

One thing I didn’t do is wash this sweater before hand – I didn’t read or remember all the correct steps.  So I will be washing my projects when they are done.  The others will be done according to directions Smile

Off to rest my weary bod

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