Friday, May 25, 2012

Work, work, work

The minions had the day off (Teacher furlough day – nice they are finally calling it what it is and not an “in-service day”) but that doesn’t mean I let them slack off Smile with tongue out

I took the day “off” (meaning I worked from home) and after lunch I kicked us all outside to tackle the evil over-grown yard pile.

I want the space its in for compost, worm bins and other garden accouterments.

Over-grown yard pile before


Over-grown yard pile after


It does seem really silly to toss out good compost material but we arent ready for it yet (and there is more than we would know what do do with!)

I stopped the work when I had a full truck load, then we all piled in the truck and dropped it off.

Tomorrow – we work on another truck load!

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