Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Earth & Mats

Last weekend I picked up some food grade diatomaceous earth to help get rid of the creepy crawlies we’ve got roaming the house. 

Ants in the kitchen, around the back doors and A/C unit – Going down!

Fleas on the cats.  Loki is allergic and will bite his nether region bald.  He’s been doing pretty good the last few months so I decided to dust him and Lilith before the fleas get too bothersome.  I will let you know how that goes.

Spent some time updating blog backgrounds and playing with font colors.  Something a bit more summery


I took a break from hex this week and made a “spa” towel.  Its rather small but perfect for patting my face dry after a workout.

Green Spa Towel finish 5-16-12

The stitch is simple, ch 35, then ch 1, sc, dc, sc across.  Rinse & repeat until you get to the desired length or you run out of yarn.

I used two skeins of Sugar & Cream cotton.  As you can see there was a slight difference in dye lots between the two but as its just for me – I don’t care.

I have safety cone orange that I was going create the same for D but will be making a couple (I hope) placemats with the same stitch instead.  I have another green cotton (similar to the hot green above) and a blue/white mix that I may do other placemats in.  Nothing will match but at least the table will be happier.

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