Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sad Day

The silly goofball that is Styx is no longer part of our family.  We had to make the hard decision and take her back to the organization we got her from as she just wasn’t fitting in with the family

She attached herself to me (so not a problem), loved playing with Loki (had great fun chasing each other around the house, and had great fun playing with sparkly balls and watching the world while upside down.

Issues were many.  Didn’t get along with Lilith (shocking), didn’t like DL and did what she could to stay away from D.

Final item happened while I had to travel to Texas for work.  I had hoped with me being gone she would be able to spend more time with D and be more nice. Unfortunately she chose to take her upset over me being gone and used the house as her personal litter box.

Since I got back, she refused to even be in the same room with D.  Not even at night and sleeping with us (and Loki) as she had before I left.

So today I took her back and hope another family will be her forever one as we could not be.

I did make sure and write up a good list of who she is, what her likes and dislikes are, and what she does bad (eating/chewing plastic).

Good luck Styx!


(Zombie Styx!)

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  1. I hope that he finds his forever home soon :)