Sunday, April 1, 2012

What Ive been up to

My hook has been busy this weekend putting some of my ginormous turtle afghan together.

I had enough red and black hex to put three big motifs together.  I also completed three purple and black hex that will be used as fillers between the motifs (green and black will be joining the mix soon)

Here is a picture of how everything will be put together

Turtle Afghan 4-1-12

D and I figure we need 5 motifs across and 4 down to really cover the bed.

Doing more math (making my head ache) I figure I have at least 17 more motifs to go.  Im not up to figuring the number of hex as it may frighten me off this project Smile with tongue out.

Im still also thinking about the border that will need to be done else the hex on the end will just curl up on themselves.

Until next time!

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