Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Well as its been a while since the last post, Im going to use this for updates for several requirements: WIPocalypse and Wed WIPs

As posted earlier in my IHSW I was able to add a small bit to a few cross stitch projects.  Not as much as I would like and sinus migraines (nasty buggers they are) are back and not conducive to small needles and even smaller holes (not to mention threading the darn needle).  Such projects are close but not coming out to play.

I have been productive on my crochet projects!

Turtle/Hex afghan – I started stitching some of the hex together yesterday so I could get a better idea how the overall look might be.  The black is stitched to the red and two of the black are stitched together.  I hope to finish stitching all the black together for this circle by this weekend.

Turtle Afghan 2-7-12

Green Ripple afghan – Almost at the end of the first three balls of yarn on this project.  It is nice and warm but I don’t think I will be using Cascade220 for another afghan unless its for something REALLY special.  Its just too spendy.  I understand the better the yarn the longer the project may last but I just cant justify it now.

Green Ripple Afghan 2-7-12

Summer Mist throw – This is a very quick and fun project.  I don’t like changing colors every row, mainly for the weaving that gets to be done later.  It is very thick and will be wonderful for a lapghan.  I can see doing this project again but as a bigger blanket (maybe a second blanket for my bed? Much different colors of course). 

Summer Mist Throw 2-7-12

Well that is all for now.  Off to add more rows to an afghan before hitting the pillow.


  1. Lovely progress. I can't wait to see the finished pieces. The Hex pattern looks interesting.

  2. Your crocheting is very pretty. Hope your migraines go away!