Sunday, January 29, 2012


Im finding if I have yarn for a project lying around (mocking me really) – I cannot just leave it be.  The yarn will be brought out and the project will get started.  Very similar to placing those few x’s in a cross stitch piece just so you can say “This bad boy is Mine now!”

Just sad (well, no not really)

So the newest project is Summer Mist Throw by Kim Guzman (found on or by the lovely link)


(example pic of said project – from Caron, not mine)

Im using the colors called for – they look so pretty and feminine.  There is someone doing this with red, grays and creams.  That one also looks great but not where Im wanting to go with for this project.  Could be something in the future though if I can stand this pattern all the way through and still want to do it again Smile

I had started this to be a bit bigger than written (158 chain instead of 110 to start) but because of my inability to read simple pattern instructions (totally blaming that on a want to just get going on the project) I had issues with the whole tr3tog comments and kept wanting to do “3 tr in st” instead.

So I ripped everything out and followed the pattern exactly (110 ch start). It was when I got back to row 5 that my brain rebooted and I finally got tr3tog!

Bah! oh well. Im now up to row 9 and its ~45” wide.  I feel confident Im on track for the 49” wide the pattern is for as there is a border planned.  Shall see how it pans out…

I havent worked at all on P’s blanket since last weekend (shame face here).  I need to pull that out for the work bag this week.  I was able to get 2 more hex done this weekend and I believe Im up to 17 so far.

No cross stitching at all was worked on thx to sinus migraines last week.  Too small holes = worse pain.  Crochet fills my crafting bug in those times.

Thank you for the wonderful comments on my projects.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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