Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year!

Another year has begun.  For me January is still a Celebration month.  Another month packed with family gatherings and well wishes as there are multiple birthdays throughout the month, starting with Mine tomorrow!

I finally got off my lazy ass and got pictures took of most of the projects Ive been working on.

Alas, the hats were gifted and pictures completely forgotten (celebrating with family sort of does that) but everything was very well received.

Ive broken my crochet rule (so didn’t see that coming – right?) and have a plethora of projects littering the minimal space around my side of the office.  I am so blaming D for a couple of these.

So now without further waiting…

P’s Patchwork afghan – I was able to complete 3 squares over the Holidays (along with all the gifts to be finished)  While the dye lot has changed on one of the yarns, it still fits with the theme.  I have 23 completed so far and 19 left.  Of course the 19 are the biggest (10x20 & 20x20).

Patchwork Afghan 1-4-12

Bag-to-be-Felted – using two different Fisherman’s wool for a big (maybe) bag.  Nothing special about the pattern, making it up as I go.

Bag 1-4-12

Diamond Eyelet Scarf – This is from the wonderful mind of Rachel Choi.  Im doing mine in Bamboo/Silk blend by Caron Spa brand, very soft.

Diamond Eyelet Scarf 1-4-12

D and I have been talking about me making a blanket large enough for our bed – so we can 86 the comforter during the summer.  So he picked out a pattern, we ( I ) picked out colors and I got started.  I don’t have a pic of the blanket yet, still at the very beginning stages and just looks like a LONG string.  Here are the colors.

Cozy Checked Afghan 1-4-12

And finally!  Minecraft Creeper afghan for DL.  Im making it out of lots (and lots) of mini granny squares.  I got the idea by helping a friend find an older pattern using mini grannies together to form a picture.  DL heard us talking and the rest is history.  The squares are quick and easy to do.  I can get one done in less than 5 min (not including weaving ends).  The fun part will be when we set up the picture and start stitching it all together.

Creeper Afghan 1-4-12


Obviously I need to find more greens, gray and white.  And the creeper may not have the same pose as above.  I had to talk DL out of adding words (Cross stitch = words, crochet – mom isnt doing words)

Sadly this isnt everything.  I had to get to my LNS and get Boris and Sergei and fabric for the trio (Ive had Olga for a while).  Next month – funds willing, I will get HDF fibers so they can be started sometime this year.

Adding those three, along with Snowy Christmas Quaker Style, with the Ginormous WIPocalypse list AND all the crochet projects I am a busy girl this year.

Bring it on!  Smile  Im looking forward to the relaxation my crafts bring me.


  1. Happy birthday! May you be blessed with a happy healthy stitched filled year. Darlene

  2. Love the crochet... I have picked up my hooks a little more this last few months and it's a nice break from stitching sometimes.