Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fly By

Quick post

I got both hats done!  Im pleased with how they finally turned out.  I swear I frogged the pink one at least 10 times.  Thanks to the yarn being too thick for the pattern I originally picked out.  So to finish I just started hooking, then looping  adding decreases where needed then brought it all together and finished with a pom on top.  Created totally by the seat of my pants (and finished just in time to be gifted – whew!)

Pics will be taken of the hats modeled by the intended giftees and with the scarves to complete the set.

I also finished the other two scarves with plenty of pause time before gifting them AND taking pics but totally blew it on the whole getting pictures taken part.  They were received with great joy.  Apparently scarves are THE accessory to have when one is in 2-3 grade (who knew?).

Im finally back to working on P’s massive blanket but may need to pause again to make a bag to carry all my yarn stuffs around.  The bag Ive been using is a tad too small and has had enough of my abuse.  Ive got Lion’s Fishermans lambs wool waiting in the wings for a bag to be possibly felted later (spied the ability to not spin loads on my front-loader washer – squee).

Until next time!

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