Sunday, December 4, 2011

What a month

Well the past four weeks surely

The walking petrie dishes at home shared a doozy that Im finally getting rid of.  Buggered up my sinuses good making stitching non-existent as those little holes were not going to make my head feel any better but a lot worse.

I am able to hook without breaking my head.  Im making hats and scarves for my nieces for christmas this year.  I had one completed but really hated how I interpreted the pattern.  As I started on hat #2 I changed how I was decreasing and liked the outcome much better.  So yesterday evening time was spent frogging hat #1.  Both will need more yarn to complete.

Im working on how long I want to make the scarves.  Using DL as a reference I think 50 inches should be enough but as they will be curling, Im not sure how much shrinking that will cause.

So with both hats hooked as far as I can for now, tomorrow one scarf will be started and Im sure frogging will occur I find the right length.

I hope to share pictures of all four soon.

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