Monday, October 3, 2011

Jumping Forward?

Another week and Im already trying to time travel and make it Tuesday.  I know its cause Im not wanting to think about what to make for dinner.  Too many things to think about and then get ready for cooking.

I do have a couple cooking successes tonight.  Makes it up for the nightmares of yesterday.

Another feasting of pesto, I added some slivered almonds to this batch.  P, D and I gave it a thumbs up.  DL saw me adding the avocado and decided to hate it before eating (*sigh – kids).

I also baked another loaf using the starter from yesterday.

Bread 10-3-11

This one turned out MUCH better.  Sounds like a drum as it should when baked right.  Im going with the King Arthur’s directions being much better than the one used for the first batch and the one I will be using going forward.

Now only if I have the nerve to bake their version of sticky-buns.  Those suckers look wonderful!

On other crafty items – Im still working on P’s blanket.  My left thumb starts killing me if I hook for too long.  The third color has bee chosen. Red Heart Camo – Platoon is the winner


The Desert Camo was just to – pastel -  for the boy.  Cant say I blame him.  Platoon will work much better with the regular camo and black.

Ink Circle’s Fall Mandala is also getting x lovin.  Still working on the outline.

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