Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another Day


Its been busy with the first weeks of the new school year. P is now in High school, DL is in his final year of elementary and the first cold of the school year has been caught and shared – courtesy of DL this year.

So what have I been doing this month – posting here has been non-existent. Starting a new school year was one. Having my minion helpers not available has me making changes in my daily schedule but I don’t mind as school is much more important.

There is a new project at work that is currently taking up a bunch of time but this phase is soon to be over and more time will free up.

Back is the time of year where the A/C is still on cause its still on the kind-of-warm side outside, warm enough to be muggy, sticky and just uck. But with the A/C on Im freezing (maybe I need to crochet something warmer for myself for home sooner…).

Tonight I made my first homemade pesto and boy was it tasty!

I added a whole avocado to the mix, which made it creamy and was plenty for a 1lb of pasta.  Happy I have leftovers for lunch.


I had plans to start a couple batches of no-kneed bread but just ran out of ‘getup-n-go’ ness.  Hopefully I can get a start on a batch or two tomorrow.

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  1. Omigosh, adding avocado to are BRILLAINT! =)