Monday, September 26, 2011

Yarn roundup

Im seeing lots of yarn in my future

No new blankets completed. I am working on a ginormous afghan for P.


First off, the blue will not be used (personally? eww, yuck!) – ok maybe on its own a blue camo is ok but mixed with anything close to olive?  That just aint right.  Have no fear! Ive found an alternate – Desert Sand or Desert Camo that will be used as the third color and black will be binding everything together.

It’s a patch throw that I doubled so it will be long enough for him when he finally stops growing, 96” x 106”. Should cover him from head to toe (and then some) and completely wrap around if desired.

In total there will be 42 blocks,12 5x5 blocks, 9 10x10 blocks, 12 20x10 blocks& 9 20x20 blocks. Only reason for any 5x5 blocks is due to me starting the pattern then realizing I should double it for the Lurch sized form the boy will be when he is finally done growing and THEN asking myself – Self? Why punish me by making all these tiny blocks when doubling might make things go faster?

But as I already had 3 5x5’s completed I added the need to have 4 for each color. I will figure out how everything will fit together once all the dang blocks are completed.

Patchwork Throw 9-26-11

Next on my list will be a snuggy type blanket for DL as he loves dragging his out to wrap up in.  I will be making an adult size just I can try and limit the number of times I may need to increase it later (cause both kids just wont stop growing!)

I did find a wonderful sunflower afghan that has me thinking of alternative colors


Im envisioning the petals in red and maybe the outline in yellow and a different brown.

Now off to add more rows to a 10x10 block

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