Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Input needed

Well, I need suggestions.

The Man (D in this case), has told me to start looking for a sewing machine so I can hem pants.

Now I need to complete some hemming of my own (D and I suffer from the same thing, short legs in an average world) so its not a bad thing.

And think of the other projects I could do with such a machine?

Costco has a Brother for $119, it has many 5 star reviews and sounds promising.  Has anyone used a Brother sewing machine?  Thoughts?  Im not looking for anything fancy

 Cross Stitch

Not much has been done on this front lately. I have been working on any Ink Circles piece to try and keep up with at least one SAL Im on. After finishing the shawl earlier this month I worked on more outlines to Fall Mandala and have pretty much been doing just that, when needle & thread end up in my hands.

Fall Mandala 9-26-11

Ive reached the bottom left of the chart – go me!


  1. I have a Brother that I got in 1992 when Service Merchandise was closing their retail stores. I have a love/hate relationship with this machine, but I think it's mostly my fault not the machine's. Recently I've been full of determination not to lose battles with it and I am succeeding. So nearly 20 years later, this a-few-steps-above basic machine operates without major problems.

  2. I have nothing to offer on the machine question but I love the cross stitch. What pretty fall colors.

  3. I've never had a Brother, but I think they & Singer really are pretty darn equal, from what I've heard. I have a $100 Singer from Walmart - me & sewing machines just DON'T get along - so even only getting it out 1-2 times a year, I figure it was a pretty good investment :) And unlike my g-mother's 50 year old Singer that I have (but needs work), if this cheapie decides to flake out on me someday, I won't have any heartburn over replacing it.

    Love the IC - I want to do all 4 of those, eventually. Tracy designs a heckuva lot faster than I can stitch...