Saturday, September 24, 2011

oh so shiny!

While do have starts on several other posts, I got extremely side tracked by Google+

What can I say, all the absolutely asinine changes happening over at FB.  The whole subscribe mess?  Ya, like I want to go through every friend in my list, update their subscriptions not forgetting that I have to set up a FB friend list of Close friends just so I can try and setup my news feed to something close that I care about.

No thanks.

I will stay with FB as family and friends are still there. But I wont be adding much else myself.

Now Im off and setting up my circles


  1. I am very frustrated with the FB thing too. Maybe it means that I should just spend some more time stitching!

  2. Me too on the FB thing, now everyone is throwing up a(nother) viral post about FB charging to use their svcs. I often wonder about lemmings.

    I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest. Much more addictive w/out the hassles. ;)

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Oh I might have to check out google + .. a few of my FB friends have made the move too :)