Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramblings from a Monday Mind

First off thank you for all the wonderful comments on my fair ribbons.  I hope to have more items finished for next year’s fair.

  • So many new hand muscles getting used by crocheting!
  • I changed up my crochet hook for one with a bamboo handle.  Much nicer for my right hand, now to get a better handle on things for the left. (or would that be grip?)
  • I finally spent time yesterday and created my crochet journal.  Ive got two whole entries so far.  Lots of thinks going on, one project that should be done soon, another Im still working the kinks out off and more in my brain I want to do.
  • My giant granny square is currently 33 rows.  It would have been more but I had to take out one whole row.  Seems I still have issues with counting in other crafts (bummer). Pictures posted Wednesday
  • Mother Maya (cross stitch) has some major malfunctions (more counting issues) that may result in most of a motif getting ripped.  Not sure what the full damage is as I grounded it as soon as I found it. (what can I say, it was at the fair and dang hot – for what we are currently used to (low 80’s))
  • Closing on the new house for sis & parents has been placed on hold.  Not sure where this puts us for packing up and moving out.
  • Getting my nails done Wed.  Its been too long and Im quite bored with the colors I have going on now. (white with yellow tips and silver between).
  • Direct TV is going out. Its plain math at this point. We watch at most 10(+-) channels on a regular basis (Discovery ones at that). Why pay through the nose for stuff that isnt getting watched? So we are sticking with Netflix (disk & streaming) and trying out sites for the shows we cant get.
  • As of today I have read 41 books in 2011.
  • Need more time in the day to get to all my hobbies (reading, cross stitch, crochet).  Work is getting in the way – need to win the lottery soon!

Think that will free up space in my gray matter.  A bit at least :o)

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  1. I also have started crocheting - I have 6- 7" squares done.
    Sorry to hear about all your malfunctions, hopefully that counting thing straightens out.
    Boy we have a lot in common my nails need tobe done also.
    Happy Stitching