Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Little People

Gods Im really wanting to punch a co-worker. 

Reason: Ive been wearing nicer clothes to work, something Ive wanted to do – move away from the jeans & t-shirts.  Bad timing as I started doing this right before my boss gave notice.  The person in question knows Ive placed my name in the hat for the boss position and is now making snide comments Im dressing for the position now.


I know its due to jealousy.  And really with this person I dont think it would matter if there was an open position.  Its like the whole “You’re turning into a suit” (yup, Secret to my Success quote) mentality but Im sick of it.

Just amazing how good I can feel leaving the house, complements from the hubby and kids and all it takes is a Jackass to destroy it all.


  1. Bastards! Don't let them bother you.
    Good luck in your application for the new position.

  2. Some people always have to put others down. It is the only way they can feel superior. It is hard sometimes but try not to let that person get to you. Good luck.

  3. Anyone who comments negatively on your fashion sense should be ignored. Period. ;)

    Give us specific snide remarks and we'll help you come up with zingers in return!