Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun at the Fair

Ok not really.  It was fun stitching with friends (Hi Laurie & Jennifer!) but it was hot and not fun standing in lines.  Thankfully the needle arts are in an air conditioned building.

News from this year’s fair!

I wasnt going to enter Tanglewood but changed my mind.

Tanglewood 7-31-2011 Fair

Also entered Bethlehem (White Ribbon)

Bethlehem 7-31-1-2011 Fair

And Quaker Alphabet (Blue Ribbon)

Quaker Alphabet 7-31-2011 Fair

Very exciting to say the least.  I am glad I entered Tanglewood.  There still werent a bunch of cross stitch entries, about three tables.  There were more variations  (charts, kits, small, large) and two large HAEDs.  Nice to see the differences.


  1. They are gorgeous and hurray! for your wins :)
    What about your ornament?

  2. Congratulations! Our county fair has too many rules and regulations for entering, so I never bother. I havent even bothered going to our county fair in years anyway. It always comes during the 100+ weather.