Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Ok trying something new to get my keester moving and project completed – Posting on Wednesday a pic of what Ive been working on during the week.

Ive seen fellow x-stitchers do this and Tami has a group doing this on the kitting and crocheting world.  Seems like a good plan.

Here I go.

I started another blanket (oh I know but more on that after the break)

Granny Blanket 7-20-11

This will be a large granny square blanket for a gift.  Colors are white, blue, green and red (bold colors)

Now for the update on the first one I “started”.  Im still having issues with what the pattern is telling me to do and what seems should be done.  Through a friend at work, I found there is someone who would love teaching others how to crochet and will be starting up a class.  I cant wait for it to start!  Hence the granny square.

I will be stuck in a vehicle forever this weekend and wanted/needed something to help keep me awake.  My cross-stitch may be too much to deal with in the car while the blanket should be easy-peasy.  Im hoping to get a bunch done.

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