Saturday, July 16, 2011


We took the boys skating today.  P and friends had an ok time.  I was not told that two of the foursome had not skated before.  Would have been a big difference and a change of plans would have been made.

I took stitching along and was able to add a few letters to Love by Bent Creek.


Now for the redo stuff.  The crochet project I started had to be ripped out and redone.  It helps to understand how to correctly do a stitch before running ahead.  D was flabbergasted watching me pull out all those stitches but Im so glad I did.

Now instead of a rectangle I had before (when it should have been a square) I had a square.  Oh and got back to right where I was before all that darn ripping.

This first project is for P.  Im attempting to make a patchwork throw but may make it larger for him to wrap in (or use on a full size bed).  The color of the blocks is camo with all the borders in black.

I already have plans for a similar blanket for DL, fingerless gloves for me and P (he saw some and wants a pair as well), and a bag.  BUT still only working on one crochet project until it is finished!

Im starting a new journal to track these new projects and what (and when) they are finished.


Good news!  The parents have received and accepted another offer on the house!  I dont know the new close date yet but the stress of getting all the stuff out by early Aug is currently on hold.  Now we are all focused on packing the known items that will be going to the new house.  Just in time for me to use my new mask :)

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