Friday, July 15, 2011


Wow what a week!  @ work we had out of town visitors – this can mean really late nights or just really busy days.  This week it was a combo.

D called it a Margarita night – and off to Pepita’s later tonight to indulge in wonderful beverages (Im going for Peach blended again, mmm) and absolutely delectable guacamole.  Dont know what they mix in but dang – It can almost be a meal of its own.


Ive started another string craft – Crochet!  I just cant get my brain (or fingers) wrapped around knitting at this time.  My stitches (knits/purls) are just too tight.  But I can do crochet :)  So for starters Im working on a throw for P, camo with black edging.  I have plans on possibly working on a shawl/cardigan for me but Im trying to keep this line of projects a one-at-a-time process.  I know – hard to imagine but Im going to try!


(have you seen the amigurmi?!? Its gonna be hard not to start one of these guys – Cthulhu is just screaming to be stitched)

Other Stuff

Skate World is on the plans for tomorrow.  3 friend, 5 kids total are all off to enjoy the fun that is roller skating.  Me?  I will be sitting at a completely uncomfortable booth (no cushions here) watching and waiting for them to fall (bad form I know but its a throw over from the Olympics and Ice Skating).  Other projects will be brought out into the light for working, just not sure which ones those will be.  I will be working on that list while consuming yummy peach margaritas tonight.

(ok, I will only get through one.  They are quite large and Im a total lightweight.)

(nope, not driving either)

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  1. Hope you had fun last night! Peach margarita sounds yummy.

    I love those little amigurmi! I just finished xstitching a little cthulu a couple of weeks ago. I'd love to be able to crochet one.

    I cant get the hang of knitting either. It's way too tight no matter what I try. So, I picked up a crochet needle a while back and have been trying that too.