Sunday, July 10, 2011

Do I get a Prize?

I had my first Mammogram Friday.  Sure it wasnt as bad as I had planned but sure doesnt mean it was pleasant.  Almost think there should be a sticker like I Voted after surviving the machine, twisting, pulling and squashing.  Just saying.


Ive mentioned that Sis family are moving to WA.  Well the parents are moving as well and we are all tasked with the overwhelming project of cleaning out a house with over 30 years of stuff accumulation.  Did I say overwhelming, I meant extremely overwhelming!

Right now plans are for Sis to help out when she can (has more days off being a nurse) and I come in on the weekends.

There are currently only four weekends left before they have to be out of the house.  FOUR!!!  ACK!  Oh and one of those we (the kids) wont be available so really its just three. (Ive used the word overwhelmed?).  The last weekend will be the hard push, I will be taking at least Friday off and working until everything is gone.

Thankfully the the house everyone is moving into in WA is close to closing so its move from old house to new house.

The old house is old, dusty, and hell on my lungs.  After spending time there yesterday I feel as if Ive been in the water too long, like a heavy weight is on my chest.  Icky.  I meant to get a face mask but just wanted to get there and packing.  Wont be doing that again.  It may be summer and hot but will be using a mask going forward.


Just found out the deal on my parents house fell through.  That sucks, but the move is still on as far as I know.  And the packing goes on…


  1. I feel your pain. I remember when my grandparents moved from their house of over 50 years to a small apartment, and my grandmother is a hoarder. Definitely get a mask next weekend!

    Good luck with getting everyone moved. Remember to take some time and breath!

  2. My parents have been in their house for almost 41 years. And they have a basement. My mom comes here and shakes her head at the lack of storage space we have. I think I'm almost thankful for that lack of space. LOL

  3. Yes, clearing older people out of a well-established household is quite an endeavor. My dad went through it with my grandmother - twice - as she has slowly downsized. Good luck!