Monday, July 11, 2011

Me and So

So is a word I am so getting tired of hearing.

So why do you ask?

I have a person in my office that cannot, ever not start a conversation without the word So.

Oh and it comes complete with body movement.  A whole ballet that has to be complete before the word So can be spoken.

Trust me, Ive tried to head them off but nope, everything has to be done just – well, So.


  1. LOL I am a "so" person. And every time I do it, in my mind I am "so...why did I do that?? OMG I did it again!"

    I need my 9th grade English teacher again! She used to knock off a point of our speeches every time we said "like" or "Ok". Got me to stop using both of those words.

  2. I guess I don't hear that often enough to bother me; I do hear a lot of "uh" mid-sentence, which bugs me, depending on speaker & frequency, so I get where you are coming from. I do get tired of my teenagers calling me Duuuudee...