Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thinking ahead

Doesn’t this look wonderful?  Its homemade vanilla extract from Canning homemade.  I love real vanilla extract, my current fave is from Haiti (parents have a sister church there) but it’s a bit hard to get when running low Smile
Seeing the picture above got me thinking of Christmas gifts and what goes with vanilla and Christmas?  Cookies!!  After surfing I found a few that sound yummy and also call for vanilla.
Thinking that I can cook up a couple batches to share and have recipients choose their fav to mix and eat at home, along with the vanilla to take too.


  1. I think that would make a wonderful gift! I love really good vanilla also.

  2. Love the homemade vanilla idea. My grandma used to make it herself well as Kahlua and a bunch of other things she'd can.