Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back in the herd

D and I joined another gym last week.  Of course due to life we werent able to go until this week, after work no less.

Yesterday and today were good burn days.  Used the elliptical and stair step (evil, evil machine) yesterday and the elliptical and treadmill today (cool down on the treadmill)

It does seem wrong to use the treadmill at the gym when I have one at home.

Of course getting back in the program makes doing extra things in the day a bit difficult.  Tired but good tired.

Now to see if I can keep it going.  Maybe paying for the privilege will help guide me to going regularly?

I was able to stitch a bit this weekend.  On the way to SILs and some on Sunday while waiting for files to copy during the great computer save (that of course didn’t).  Pictures will be taken later this week for sharing.

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