Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Tangles

Before I start pulling weirdness out of my grey matter I have questions to ask on behalf of Kid 1.

He is doing a project for school and has a couple questions he would like to ask.
1. When you have dead household batteries, what do you do with them? (AAA, AA, C, D)

2. If you do recycle, where do you take them?

Feel free to email me if you dont want to add comments.

Thank you for any who participate :-)

Now on to pulling weirdness

The cover of Def Leppard's photograph by Daughtry and Santana is just wrong.  It's Leppard or nothin' – nuff said.

Fit Stuff - Feeling pretty good for my first week back working out and eating right. 1 lb and 3.5 inches lost. Thinking working out to Xbox dance central has a bunch to do with the lost inches.  All that moving and twisting has my core reminding me what it should be used for.. It will be staying on the workout schedule for now.  Do have to say my energy level is still trying to catch up.

Got a new down pillow.  Thought the bed was giving me a nasty crick but D thought it might be the pillow.  Have to say Ive slept better (well according to D I have), not that I recall much while sleeping.  The old pillow will be tossed in the trash (did keep it in case the new one didnt fit)

Terms of Endearment – has got to be one of the saddest movies ever!  And I always seem to catch it on TV when she is in the hospital.  Love the part where Mom goes running-screaming for the shot.  I can see myself doing that for my kids if needed.

Stash - I picked up the last house of bbd anniversary houses and crosseyed crickets autumn.  Also kitted up autumn. Trying to wait and not start it but it's starting to whine. I've got enough wips keeping me busy, just don't want work on any of them. Im bored.

And a plug for the wonderful sampler In the Company of Friends are doing in memory of Lisa Roswell of “The Primitive Needle”.  Its called A Dark Alphabet and so far looks way to fun not to stitch.  A-D are ready for download.  I had to get the fabric for this and ran to A&T tonight to pick it up.


  1. How exciting that your son is doing a project about Green Thinking (I assume/hope... ;-))
    1) At home, we try to use rechargeable batteries when possible for digital cameras, all DH's remotes for all those gaming-systems etc.
    For the non-rechargeable ones, I save them up and take them to a recycling station.
    2) Luckily, the office took the stand to start recycling a few years back. We recycle pop cans, drink bottles (glass & PET), paper/cardboard, and batteries. I just have to bring my batteries in to work and they are taken care of from there.
    I have heard that my company pays a lot of money to recycle, but they have deemed it important enough to spend some extra dough on...
    Wish your son "good luck" on his project from me!!! I hope that you get a lot of feedback!

  2. Sounds like you're keeping busy! I wish I could find the motivation to go work out...I always make some excuse to avoid it.

    As far as the batteries...I live in an apartment so my manager has a box for tenants to put dead batteries and he takes them to the recycling center. They do have bins for recycling at my local city hall and a lot of people from work do that.

  3. We also try to use rechargeable batteries, but when we do have used batteries, we save them up to take to IKEA (they take all batteries for recycling, even rechargeables) and enjoy Swedish meatballs for dinner! =)