Monday, May 16, 2011

Bits of this and that

Support Your Favorite Authors!

There is a good top 10 list of what you can do to help support your favorite authors.  Author Jody Hedlund (The Preacher’s Bride) put a great list on her blog.  It makes good sense.  Like an author or book, share it.  Pretty much the same line throughout most of the 10 items listed.

And here is another 10 (ok first 9 are more for lols but #10 is in line to help)

There are a bunch of new authors Ive been reading this year and I try and share my thoughts on the book here and at Goodreads when Im done.  Im also thinking about finding out how the local library handles donations as they sometimes dont have the first book of a series (ya, no clue on that one) or some of the new authors I want to read.  Thinking I could get the book, read it, then donate to the library for others.

“Missed Out’s Little Moment of Win - Today, the first actual ice cream truck I've ever seen came down my street. The fact I finally got to experience what I hadn't before completely MMD! And the ice cream was delicious!”

Ice cream trucks - Its different when you have two living down the street from you and hear twice the musac during the summer days.  I do miss only hearing it once in a while and remember pestering parents for ice cream $$ and hoping I made it outside in time.


Another finish – of sorts.  BBD AotH Snow Garden is complete except for the personalization bits.  Ive done some gray matter rearranging on how Im going to finish this piece, making it more current generational stuff, and working it out may be easier once all the house blocks are complete.

BBD Snow Garden 5-16-11

Blends - a stitch group friend of mine made a wonderful comment about blended threads. She just used the darkest and moved on. What a concept!  So that is what I will be doing to finish up AotH as Im using DMC and some of the blends just arent making it.

A new letter for A Dark Alphabet is out.  E for Eek.

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