Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fit Motivated!


Is it bad for me to want to kick/slap/scream at some people?

Im back on Livestrong.com using the daily plate to record every tiny morsel that passes my lips and every calorie I burn exercising.  I went to check the group I was involved in last year to see if some of the old names were still there (and they are - good for them!) but I had to take pause at the extreme whining that is going on.

Now Im all for getting in a group.  The motivation can be very helpful but to whine constantly, every day about:

"I should be exercising but Im stuck - Motivate me please!"

"Darn those snack cakes calling me from the pantry - Motivate me please!"

"I did ______ exercise today and I dont see any change - Motivate me please!"

Can I say I am motivated to not visit any more?  I am for motivation but for one or two people to just dominate a group with all this whining is too much.  Take some responsibility and move people!

Yes, losing weight, getting back into shape, eating right sucks.  Just plain sucks.  All that yummy food I want to just sit around and munch on like a mindless drone is not good.  Thats why Im back to what was doing good for me last year.  Eating right, eating within my caloric intake levels, tracking EVERYTHING, and waking up at the ass crack of dawn to exercise cause I know if I dont it wont get done - afternoon is too easy to "do it later" and then its bed time.

Doing everything in the above paragraph doesnt fix everything in the blink of an eye.  Took me a while to cultivate the look I have now.  It will take a while to get it changed. 

Please note I didnt say changed back.  While it would be wonderful to get back to the 25" waist I had in my early 20's its also not realistic.  Of course I wont turn back if Im able to get there.  But Im also on the dark side of 40 and the older me has limitations and placing unrealistic goals will only make me frustrated with the seemingly lack of progress that will happen and that can halt the entire getting healthy process.

Another thing that chaps me is the constant view on the scale.  Go down to the store and get a good fabric measuring tape and use it to measure yourself.  Inches may be lost faster and sooner than the weight.  Thats how it is with me.  I can work out daily, sweat buckets, eat right and within my limits and still not loose a damn lb but 10 inches will be gone.  I will take losses any way I can.  Clothes fit better in both cases and sometimes better with more inches lost :-p

Now I do weigh myself.  Once a week.  I fight hard to keep my feet from dancing to the scale, toe-tapping the buttons to turn it on just to see what the evil thing tells me my fortune is for today.  Its a horrible motivator.  It changes constantly with when you last ate or drank to if you just peed.

So, motivate yourself.  Keep unhealthy snacks out of the house if you cant keep your hands away from them.  If there is something you think you shouldnt have, dont eat it.  Find out if its something you can have then you know for next time.  Pick reasonable goals (say loose 5lbs or go down a pant size) and once one goal is reached pick a new one.


  1. Great job on keeping yourself motivated!! I am with you about the tape measure. I was in pretty good shape and never lost a pound but I was fit. Now I need to get back to fit so I don't look like a beached whale on my holiday. Keep up the great work! It will be worth it in the end.

  2. Yay, you!!!!!

    I have a swimsuit and 2 months til vacation. I gotta get going. LOL