Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Dang, its already Sunday. 

P and I participated in a SOLV cleanup yesterday.  He needed it for a school grade and I got to go as he is underage.  We spent three hrs pulling up evil English ivy from the park floor where it was busy choking native plants and trees.

Unbeknownst to us, the Portland Rose Festival court was also there doing good deeds and getting pictures taken.  P joined in at the end of their work time for a pic. 

Today I have areas of my bod letting me know they are none too happy of the hike to the site (which we did twice – left water at the car).  But we had a good time and did a great job pulling ivy.


So I took the week off.  No tracking food, no getting up at the ass crack of dawn to work out, none of that.  Allergies knocked me down Sunday & Monday and I took the rest of the week just to sleep.  Hate this time of year with all the pollen and grass cutting, all the stuff that wont leave my head alone and unstuffed.  Thankfully (well so far) the ivy pulling didnt cause any issues.

I did pretty good, with all that non-doing.  Still lost some weight, not a lot – no gaining (yea!) and no inches added or lost.  I will take it :-)

Now with my week off behind me, I am gearing up for tomorrow morning.  Getting up at 4:30ish, dressed, treadmill on, x-box whirling and water in my bottle already to sweat.


Anniversaries of the Heart – I have all the charts and as of today have a game plan of what will be personalized where for each house.  I will leave the dedication piece as is, using the suggestion for recording the pieces.  As for the alphabet bonus piece, Im thinking of changing that to a phrase.  Now to think of something… 

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