Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Only Tuesday??

Is it really only Tuesday?  Workwise my brain seems to be working on last week’s fires, or thats what it feels like.  D has his truck in the shop this week and I was on taxi service duty but thankfully a friend of our (who just happens to work with D) has been doing part of the taxi bits.  And most of the mornings to boot!  yea!!  I wasnt looking forward to getting DL up and going that early.


So I finally get MyPlate data updated and Im losing calories to consume.  Totally understandable with the lbs lost I want to accomplish weekly but dang!  Looks like I may need to increase my workouts a tad to make up for the food my bod is wanting me to consume (good food that is, just finding myself hungrier at times).

Oh and the energy sink!  Sucks taking a week off as I thought I was starting to get used to the early days and pushing the bod by working out and getting some of my energy back.  Feels like Im back on week 1 and ready for nap time in the afternoon.  Seriously - just 20 min nap.  Please??


So very annoying - I brought stitching to actually work on today and what happens?  I leave the pattern at home.  And I can see in my minds eye exactly where it is, not that it does any good.


Thankfully Im working on a popular chart and can find a picture of it online, enough to help me with the filler bits I chose to work on today but not much else.

Well Im off to add more x’s then off to my comfy bed.

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