Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Bit Closer to Friday

Camping – Things are coming together nicely for the camping trip.  Thanks to my wonderful SIL, we will have use of their trailer instead of our tent.  Perfect for the wonderful PacNW weather we have been having.  Mother Nature cant make up her mind or allow us more than 3 dry days in a row.  A trailer will be nice to get out of the weather for a bit.

The added bonus is that I will still be able to stitch while camping!  That wasnt a sure thing with the tent.  Where would I stitch, how would I use the light, would I be able to use a light.  The thinks go on and on.

Im really getting excited about going! 

(may also be that I wont be able to take my work laptop and cell coverage may not be ideal for conversations and I just might have a real vacation – from work! :-p)

Thank you Science Channel for showing Firefly in the order it was intended and not the nightmare it was shown originally (or continued on  Sy-Fy (joke of a channel that is)).  It is a shame the rug was pulled out from under this series.




Arent these awesome!  Brown Velvet Danskos!  Found these on Ebay and I have 6 days to decide if I want to try and get them.  Well that and see if the $$ stay low.

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