Friday, May 27, 2011

Ah Friday

Today was day one of a wonderful 4-day weekend.  And I actually took time off of work (ok I did log in and help out a couple of people but I tried really hard to ignore the email beeping on my phone).  

My sister and BIL will be moving to Washington later this summer.  He is a Youth Minister and is changing churches.  Off to Longview they go.  Its just about an hr (+/-) away.

DL's school carnival was tonight and was a bit underwhelming. Not as many booths for the kids to do.  Missing playing bingo - was able to pick stuff for the boy's class to do last year and hoped to do the same this year but no luck.

And Ive been stitching!  Remembered this morning that I havent done any x's on an Ink Circle project and I need to for pics and posting on the Ink Circle Stitcher's blog.  Masquerade came out to play for a bit and Fall Mandala.  I was going to try and complete the outline on the Mandala before I started filling color in but I just cant wait.  The outline is getting REALLY boring and it needs to be spiced up.

I took Bethlehem for framing today.  Getting it done for Christmas, and just thinking about - maybe entry into the county fair this year.

Picture updates will be shared later this weekend.

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