Monday, May 2, 2011


That is me today.

Got up at the ass crack of dawn (love that phrase), 4am to punish my bod for getting in the condition its in.  So really, I punished myself.  Turned on Your Shape (Xbox Kinect game) and stepped, squatted and lunged (ok did what I could to lunge) for 30 some-odd min or so. 

Wasnt happy with the cheerful helper chick in the game (“do deeper lunges!”)  towards the end of that work out.  Some nasty words may have been tossed in the direction of the TV, fully knowing she didnt care what I thought.  Made me feel a bit better.

Then I went walking on the treadmill (duo of chaos running around like, well the agents of chaos)

Had a pretty good day after all that.  Not a twinge anywhere letting me know that the bod was not appreciative if what Im trying to do.

That is not until my walk to the train later this afternoon.

My legs were the first to complain.  Then my arms and finally my lower back.

Now Im counting the hrs (ok, minutes) til I fall into bed

And get up raring to do it all again tomorrow

Bring on the Zumba!

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