Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ah Sunday

Well, that can be taken two ways eh?  AHHH Sunday or Ahhh Sunday.  For me its a mix of the two.  Another wonderful Sunday of just kicking back, thinking of things that could be done – may be done.  But then its Sunday which means tomorrow is…Monday!!

I am a goofball.  A post was started this morning, even had bunches of letters, made into words, sentences and even paragraphs. Now all gone.  All with me clicking on a little grey x.

So – back to clearing out of the belfries

The Glades are back in June – squee!

image *yumm

Kindle Library Lending – Amazon will be launching a new lending service for the Kindle later this year.  Thank you to Arthemise for sharing this news.  Im hoping my library will begin this program in addition to the unfriendly ebook service they currently have.

Spring weather is starting to peak through the clouds.  With the weather comes grass cutting, pollen, itchy eyes, stuffy head, et all. Much fun!

Getting sucked into another computer game, Minecraft.  Its a silly game where you remove and place blocks to build anything.  Wonderful monsters (zombies, skeletons, spiders and something that blows up) come out at night (or in the dark).  Its so simple and I can sit and watch D for hrs, zoning on what he is doing in the game.  Not to mention log in myself and mindlessly create, destroy and get blown up myself.

Books – I was a busy reader in April.  9 books were quickly consumed.  Most were good.  Some had slow starts but then I couldnt put them down.  I did have a couple (not of the 9) that I will never finish.  May looks just as full, word consumption wise.

Managing Death
The Devil You Know
Demon Song
X-Rated Bloodsuckers
Already Dead
Tempest Rising
The Nymphos of Rocky Flats
Mad Skills




Dansko Shoes – I went extreme window shopping this weekend.  I love Dansko shoes, and most love me back.

Introducing Rowena



Sure the heels are 3” and I dont wear heals (hardly ever) but these are so damn comfy!




There are others (many) I tried on and would love to take home with me.  Need to start saving.


Dragon of Earth has been out when I have been stitching, which hasnt been much.

Joan Elliott fans – Cross Stitch Collection has released a UK only edition of some of her past designs.  Gonna have to see what I can do to get a copy.

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