Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lazy Day

Ive had  great Sunday.  Totally laid back, did some stitching (more on that later) and book surfing.  Found another author to read when I took the boys to Powells, Larry Correia and the Monster Hunter series.  Checking out his blog I found more book review blogs; The Sci-Fi Guys Book Review, Hobo’s Books, and Elitist Book Reviews.  And with them – more books are getting added to my to-read list.

Its official – my stitching is getting in the way of my book reading.  My lists on Goodreads are expanding at an exponential rate.  And sadly my local library just cant keep up (not surprising on that front – they are behind in a lot of ways).  In keeping costs down, Im doing my best to stick with the library.  But now also thinking about donating books to the library after Ive read them so their collection can be more up to date.  Wonder how that would affect my taxes…


I did spend time this weekend away from reading and actually stitching.

Dragon of Earth came back out to play.  .

Dragon of Earth 4-24-11

Most of the darkest brown was added this weekend.

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