Monday, May 30, 2011

A Long Weekend

My long weekend vacation was wonderful.  Friday was some work (not much), stitching and DL’s school carnival.  All throughout the weekend D & I spent our lazy time watching wonderful war movies on TCM.  No Dirty Dozen or Bridge of the River Kwai but we did get to watch Kelly’s Heros (love the cast),  Battleground (another great Van Johnson film), Sergeant York (my first watching of this one – great movie)

Saturday was spent getting my nails done, going to A&T (Happy B-day Jeannine!) where I picked up

R&R’s Winifred Gardener – A Stitcher’s Home (kitted that up – all cottons, left the silk out),


Sampler & Antique Needlework – Summer Ed.


Jeannine was nice enough to place Green Dragon Bookmark by Dracolair Creations in my bag and its so cute I had to bring it home with me.


Another goodie I was able to snatch up at Borders (before they all went away) is Joan Elloitt’s Collection


A new letter is out for the Dark Alphabet – F for Furies using the Forbidden Stitch.


I said I would post updates – you just had to wait for the weekend to be over

Farm House – After I finished Snow Garden I pushed forward to Farm House (BBD AofH #5)

BBD Farm House 5-30-11

Fall Mandala – To keep up with my Ink Circle stitchers group I was busy stitching on Fall Mandala all weekend.

Fall Mandala 5-30-11

And here is my helper for the long weekend…


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